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What the Cricut Machine is?

The or a Cricut machine is an electronic machine used to cut various materials like paper, iron-on transfers, and vinyl. The Cricut machine is also known as the die-cutting Machine, and it can also cut wood and leather.

The Cricut machine cuts the designs with great speed and quality without using scissors and an x-acto. And this is possible due to the subscription and uploading the document or design you want for the project. It also gives the work a smooth effect. And the project also lasts for more time, and it doesn’t even peel off, no flaking, no cracking, and no wrinkling. maker Machine for the first time?

cricut com setup-2

Following is the standard process to set up the Cricut maker machine for the first time and take the first project using the Machine;

  • First of all, plug in the power cable of the Cricut maker machine in the Machine and the power switchboard.
  • Then take a USB cord and connect one end to the Cricut setup machine and another end to the PC’s Device.
  • Now open the browser of your Device.
  • In the search tab of the browser, type the link
  • And then search for the link.
  • Now the Cricut design space page will open.
  • Then on the page, you will see the Get Started option.
  • Click on it.
  • The next page will tell you to connect the Machine with the computer.
  • So follow all the directions shown on that page.
  • Now turn on the Machine by turning on the switchboard.
  • After the successful connection, click on the Continue option.
  • Then the update your firmware page will appear.
  • Every time you will get an update on your Device.
  • Now click on the Select Cricut device option.
  • There will be two options from those options; click on the Maker option using USB.
  • Select that and then click on the Update Firmware option below.
  • After downloading the update, reboot the Machine.
  • Then the update is successful.
  • Now click on the Continue option.
  • Then you will get some gifts.
  • There click on the Accept gifts option in the corner below.
  • You will get the library of images with new varieties on the bonus page.
  • There click on the Continue option.

Set up the material into the maker machine?

Follow the process below;

  • The material setup page will open where you have to select the Machine.
  • The project is of Medium cardstock material, so choose the Medium cardstock option.
  • After that, it will tell you to load the Pen.
  • Open clamp A and hold it up and enter the Pen with the Pen’s point down.
  • Now push the Pen, close the clamp, and click on the Continue option.
  • Then load the fine point blade, which is already inside the Machine.
  • But if the rotary cutter is already inside, you have to change it.
  • To remove the edge and reverse it up to down and close the clamp.
  • It requires more power to close the clamp.
  • And then click on the Continue option.
  • Now place the white card on the top alignment.
  • You will get the card stock with the machine.
  • Now stick the card stock and roll it into the machine roller.
  • After that, click on the Go option on the Machine.
  • The paper will start processing that is drawing the image on the card stock paper.
  • After completing the 200 percent, the cutting process will also begin.
  • If you want a smooth cutting, then make sure to select the blade of the correct Size and shape.

Assemble the project on On Windows PC

Follow the process below;

  • Now click or press the Unload button to stop the cutting after it’s done.
  • Then remove the cardstock paper out and remove the Pen.
  • Now separate the article and Mat from each other.
  • If you want the paper flat without any fold and roll, keep the mat upside and the paper downside.
  • And then remove the paper slowly from the Mat.
  • Some pieces of the paper will stick to the Mat but don’t worry.
  • You can remove them off later.
  • Now we are going to assemble the project.
  • For that, fold the stock card paper in half.
  • And then insert the line that is the blue piece of paper into the half fold.
  • Now you will see the blue background when you see it from the front.
  • You can select any color card as background.
  • Now again, go to the Pc and click on the Continue option.

Setup On Mac Computer

Follow the process or steps below;

  • The next part is to add the Embellish to your card.
  • If you want to leave the card, you can leave it.
  • But you can see how to add the fabric piece that you have got with the Machine to the card.
  • So here, we will see how to add the fabric and change the blade.
  • Now click on the Continue option.
  • Next, click on the Add symbol for a new project.
  • Now canvas page will appear.
  • Now click on the Image option to add an image.
  • Then the image library will open.
  • There type for the design or idea you want; for example, type Kite.
  • Select the idea that you want.
  • To add the image, click on the Insert image option.
  • Adjust the Size or let it be as it is.
  • Then click on the ‘Make it’ choice.
  • Then press the Continue option.
  • Now select the material or fabric that is cotton fabric.
  • And now follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Now open the clamp and change the blade.
  • Insert the rotary cutter for this project.
  • Then click on the Continue option for the next step.
  • Now place the fabric on the Mat printed side down, aligning with the top left corner of the grid.

How to assemble the project in the maker machine?

Follow the process below;

  • Now use the fabric mat, which is pink instead of a blue carpet.
  • So place the right side of the fabric mat the printed side upside down.
  • Then push the Mat inside the rollers and press the load button on the Machine.
  • After that, press the go button on the Machine.
  • Then the processing will begin.
  • After it, press the unload button and remove the Mat.
  • Now peel the fabric out from the Mat.
  • You will get a clean-lined cut.
  • Now take the card and the kite fabric you have cut to assemble.
  • Take the glue and apply it to the backside of the material.
  • And then stick it on the project card.
  • That’s it.
  • Now click on the Finish option when you are done with the project.
  • That’s it, the first project on the new machine maker is all set.

Cricut Setup on a Windows and Mac device

cricut comsetup

Following is the setup process of the circuit machine on Windows and Mac devices via the link;

  • Now plug the power cable of the Cricut into the power switchboard.
  • And then turn on the switch and the Machine.
  • Then connect the Machine to the Windows computer using the USB cable or via Bluetooth.
  • Now go to the browser of Windows device and search for the link
  • Then download and install design space for Windows desktop.
  • Then follow some instructions on the screen of Windows computer.
  • And then, create your ID on Cricut and set up the Machine.
  • After the Machine’s setup, take a Test cut from the Machine.

Download the software on Windows device

Following is the process to download the software of Cricut on Windows device;

  • Now open the browser and search for the link
  • Then the design space of Cricut will open.
  • There you will see two options that are Download and Open options.
  • To download the software, you need to tick into the box below.
  • And then click on the Download option.
  • Then downloading of software setup will begin.
  • It will take some time to download the form.
  • After downloading the software, go for installation of the software.
  • That’s it.

(H2)How to Sign in or Create an ID on

Before connecting the Machine, you have to download the software of Cricut. So download the setup, install it first, and sign in or Create an ID on Cricut. Following is the process to create an ID or sign in with Cricut;

  • Now open the software that you have downloaded.
  • Then install the software.
  • Now open the software which is available on the Desktop.
  • Then click on the Sign-in option.
  • If you already have a Cricut account, enter the Cricut ID, password, and sign in with the report.
  • If you don’t have an ID or account on Cricut, click on the Create Cricut ID option.
  • Now fill up all the information to create an ID on Cricut.
  • You have to enter your Email ID, Password, First name, last name, and then select your country.
  • After that, tick into the two boxes below.
  • And then click on the Create Cricut ID option below.
  • That’s it; account creating on Cricut is successful. setup windows

Following is the process to connect the Cricut maker machine via Bluetooth that is wireless connection;

  • The first thing to do is Turn on the Cricut machine by pressing the Power button on the Machine.
  • If you are a Windows user, open the control panel of a windows device.
  • And if you are a Mac user, go to the system preferences.
  • Then go to Bluetooth in the control pane.
  • And then turn on the Bluetooth of windows or Mac device.
  • Then the Device will show all the devices that are nearby you.
  • It will also show the Cricut make device name in the list of devices.
  • When you see your Cricut device, then click on the connect option.
  • And the Device is connected.
  • Sometimes it will work as you enter some password or pin.
  • So enter 0000 pins.
  • Now open the software, and there Go for New project.
  • Then insert an image and click on the ‘Make it’ option.
  • Then continue and select your Device.
  • That’s it; the Cricut maker machine connection via Bluetooth is successful.

How to set up the maker Machine with the Android system?

Following is the process to connect the Cricut maker machine with the Android system;

  • Now click the power cord to the Machine and then to the powerboard.
  • Then turn on the power switch.
  • Then press the Machine’s power button and turn on the Cricut machine.
  • And then go to the Android phone and go to the settings.
  • In settings, go for Bluetooth settings.
  • Then turn on the Bluetooth of your Android phone.
  • Now the list of devices nearby you will appear.
  • In the list of devices, the Cricut device name will also appear.
  • Select the Cricut device and click on the connect option.
  • The Device is connected to an Android phone.
  • Now download and install the Cricut maker application.
  • And then sign in with the account on
  • That’s it, the android connection of the Cricut maker machine is successful.